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The Parliament has thirty members, who participate in the Chamber as well as in the work of the Parliaments four committees and other special bodies.

The presidium

The Presidium of the Parliament consists of the Speaker and the two Deputy Speakers, all of whom are elected for one year at a time. The Speaker conducts the business in the Chamber but may not participate in the debate. In the Speaker's absence the business in the Chamber is conducted by one of the Deputy Speakers. The Deputy Speakers may participate in the debate except when they chair the session.

The standing committees

The Parliament has four standing committees. Most items of Parliament business are examined by one of the three special standing committees, each of which is responsible for a specific area.The Special Standing Committees have seven members each plus five deputy members. The Review Committee has three members and three deputy members.

The Legal and Cultural Committee, LCU Committee prepares all legal business which relates to the autonomy of Åland and to international treaties which are applicable to Åland. The LCU Committee also prepares business which involves legislation relating to the administration of Åland, to local authorities, traffic, the police force, elections, and the civil service. Furtheron the LCU Committee deals with education, cultural activities, sport, museums, archives, libraries, radio and television.

The Finance, Industry, Trade and Agriculture Committee examines the Åland Government's budget proposals, finance motions, the auditors' reports, requests for extra budgetary grants, local authority finance, and collective wage agreements. The Committee may also prepare bills which apply to the budget or the audit. Further the Committee prepares business which relates to industry, trade agriculture, taxation, fishing, wild game hunting and regional policy.

The Social and Environmental Committee prepares business relating to social welfare, health care, building and housing legislation, as well as nature conservation and environmental issues.

The Review Committee ensures that the formal wording of the Parliaments resolutions is correct.

The Speakers' Conference

The Speakers' Conference consists of the Presidium of the Parliament and the chairmen of the Special Committees. The Conference deals with the Parliaments working practices and procedures.

The autonomy committee

The Autonomy Committee advises the Parliament and the Government of Åland on important matters relating to the autonomy. The Government of Åland presents a yearly report which is examined by the Autonomy Committee, after which it is put before the Parliament. The Autonomy Committee consists of the Speaker and four members elected by the Parliament.

The parliament office commission

The Parliament Office Commission consists of the Presidium and two members chosen by the Parliament. It deals with the running of the Parliaments economy and the Parliament Office.

The parliament library

The Parliament has a library. It mainly holds books on political science, law and territorial autonomy.

The delegation of Åland at the nordic council

The Delegation works in conjunction with the Parliament. It consists of two representatives from Åland chosen by the Parliament, their deputies, and the members of the Åland Government. The Delegation deals with matters which concern the work of the Nordic Council and the Nordic Ministerial Council.

More information about Åland

More detailed information about Åland can be found on the website of the Åland Island's government.

Act on the Autonomy of Åland
A translation of the act on the Autonomy of Åland can be found here.