Contact information for the Parliament Office

The address of the Parliament is P.O. Box 69, AX-22101 MARIEHAMN, ÅLAND

Invoices are to be sent in PDF format to, or mailed to the Parliament, address: P.O. Box 2050, AX-22101 MARIEHAMN, ÅLAND.

Business ID 0145076-7. Tax border number 5520-2.

The Parliament is an Office with nine employees assisting the Parliament. The Parliament Office is located in the Parliament House, on the upper floors.

Susanne Eriksson

 Director of the Parliament. +358 18 25 331, +358 457 523 0416, susanne.eriksson<at>

Secretary of the Chamber, The Legal and Cultural Committee, the Speakers’ Conference, the Parliament Office Committee and (partly) the Autonomy Committee.

Carina Strand

 Deputy Director of the Parliament. +358 18 25 472, +358 457 361 3923, carina.strand<at>

Secretary of the Autonomy Committee (EU Affairs), the Social and Environmental Committee, and the Review Committee.

Sten Eriksson

 Deputy Committee Secretary. +358 18 25 474, +358 457 344 5640, sten.eriksson<at>

Secretary of the Finance and Economic Affairs Committee, Åland Delegation to the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference, and Åland Delegation to the Nordic Council.

Jessica Laaksonen

 Office Secretary. +358 18 25 332, +358 400 802 448, jessica.laaksonen<at>

Marina Eriksson

 Parliamentary Assistant. +358 18 25 334, +358 400 828 248, marina.eriksson<at>

Secretary of the Parliament’s Veterans’ Association r.f.

Marina Wikstrand-Andersson

 Protocol Secretary. +358 18 25 333, +358 457 382 8645, marina.wikstrand-andersson<at>

Victoria Lindblom

 Administrative Secretary. +358 18 25 353, +358 40 701 6234, victoria.lindblom<at>

 Hans-Erik Ramström

 Librarian. +358 18 25 354, biblioteket<at>


The Parliament Library

The Parliament Library is a specialist library focusing on social sciences and law. In addition to books on the autonomy of Åland, there are also books on autonomic regions, international law, administration, legislation, minorities, parliaments, politics, political science, the Nordic region, and the EU.

The library primarily serves the Parliament and the regional government, but it offers its services to others as much as possible.

Parts of our collections can be borrowed to be read at home. Reference literature can be studied on site. Please contact the library before visiting to make sure that a book is available for loan.

The books of the Parliament are catalogued in the Ålandic library database

The librarian’s contact information

If you need to use the library at other times or in the absence of the librarian, please contact the Office Secretary or Information Assistant of the Parliament.

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 8.30-16, Friday 8.30-15.