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Deklaration från den Parlamentariska Östersjökonferensen (BSPC)

Med anledning av kriget i Ukraina gör delegationerna från de nationella och regionala medlemsparlamenten i BSPC en tydlig markering genom att dels kraftigt ta avstånd från den uppkomna situationen med ett fullskaligt krig i Ukraina, dels besluta att medlemsparlamenten från den Ryska federationen tillsvidare inte tillåts delta i organisationens arbete.

Från den Ryska federationen ingår följande medlemsparlament: Statsduman, Federationsrådet, Kaliningrad, Karelen, Leningrad och Sankt Petersburg.

Deklarationen från den 12 mars 2022:

12 March 2022
Declaration by Heads of the BSPC Delegations
We, the Heads of the Delegations to the BSPC of the
Parliament of Denmark
Parliament of Estonia
Parliament of Finland
Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany
Parliament of Iceland
Parliament of Latvia
Parliament of Lithuania
Parliament of Norway
Parliament of Poland
Parliament of Sweden
Parliament of Åland
Parliament of the Hanseatic City of Bremen
Parliament of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
Parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein
Baltic Assembly
European Parliament
Nordic Council,

reiterate in the strongest possible terms our condemnation of the completely unjust and full-scale brutal military attack and invasion being carried out by the Russian Federation against the sovereignty, independence and people of Ukraine as expressed in the statement of the BSPC President and
Vice-President from 25 February 2022.

Day by day, the attacks on Ukraine are posing a more dangerous threat to peace, stability and democracy across Europe and the world. They defy the rights and freedoms of all Europeans, not just those of Ukrainian citizens.

These attacks are contrary to both international law and European security. They violate the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and the basic principles of International and Humanitarian Law.

Every day, innocent people are killed in a despicable manner. The images of innocent civilian victims keep shocking the world. This war has already triggered the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the Second World War.

These military attacks deeply violate the fundamental principles of our 31 years of cooperation.

We underline that we strongly condemn any violation of international law and human rights. Respect for international law and human rights, peace and democracy, are fundamental principles that the BSPC has pursued since its founding in 1991, also expressed in our Rules of Procedure, and has emphasised again and again.

These are the foundations of our parliamentary cooperation.

At our 30th Annual Conference, we unanimously pointed out the urgent need of peaceful and close neighbourliness. We underlined again that democratic values, the rule of law and human rights are the foundation of our cooperation.

As long as these fundamental principles and goals have now been dramatically violated by the unprovoked, illegal and brutal military attack and aggression committed by the Russian Federation against sovereign and democratic Ukraine which was initiated by parliamentary decisions regarding Donetsk and Luhansk, we see no possibility of continuing our parliamentary cooperation as envisaged with the Russian parliaments and Russian observer institutions within the framework of the BSPC.

Therefore, we have decided to ensure the suspension of the Russian parliaments from the Annual Conference, the meetings of our working bodies, proceedings, work and projects of the BSPC until cooperation under the fundamental principles of international law will once again become possible.

The secretariat has been instructed to suspend until then the Russian member delegations and Russian observer institutions from all invitations to meetings.

We reaffirm our wish and intention to continue the crucial and successful work of the BSPC for the benefit of the entire Baltic Sea Region.

The Swedish BSPC Presidency in close coordination with the BSPC Standing Committee will ensure the proper adjustment in these changed circumstances.

Our decision takes immediate effect, will be published on the BSPC website and will be further substantiated in the meetings of the Standing Committee and the Annual Conference.


För närmare information:

Delegationsordförande Wille Valve, tel. 040 596 2929

Delegationssekreterare Sten Eriksson, tel. 25474


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