Eu-flaggor och parlamentet
  • Publicerad onsdag den 23 mars 2016 kl. 14:41

Talmannens hälsning till det flamländska parlamentets talman

Lagtingets talman Johan Ehn har idag sänt följande hälsning till sin kollega i det flamländska parlamentet i Bryssel vilket lagtinget besökte för drygt en vecka sedan:

Dear President Peuman,

"It was horrifying to hear about the brutal attacks towards civiliants in Brussels yesterday. Our thoughts go out first to the victims and the wounded, and to their families and friends.

On behalf of the Aland Parliament that was met so generously by the Parliament of Flandern last week, I want to express to You Mr. Speaker and to your members of Parliament, my compassion and solidarity towards your people."

Yours sincerely,
Johan Ehn
Speaker of the Åland Parliament